Jacob van Zonneveld studied history and politics at the university of Groningen, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the Netherlands.

He always enjoyed learning and understanding more about the origin of things, but  also realized that when you want the world to change, you have to stop reading and start acting.

For Jacob, starting a business was her way of taking action.

Adam and Jacob founded PlugSurfing in 2012, after their studies.

Selfie Adam Jacob

The idea
Adam and Jacob had been interested in green mobility and technology for some time.
They heard from a charging station manufacturer about range anxiety and the fact that there was no good app on the market.
Puzzled at the fact that nothing as essential to electric driving was on the market yet, they built a simple app to find charging stations, which was an instant success.
Payment was the next logical step. Since then, they just kept on going in finding partners, improving the app and expanding their business.

Urbanization is moving forward, so cities will get even more crowded. But that means that we have to rethink transportation.

Making cars clean can have a huge impact. Contributing to a cleaner, healthier  world is the single most motivating factor.


The concept

They want to enable EV drivers to charge anywhere, anytime. Why should someone who contributes to a better, cleaner world pay more and have more hassle with charging, while normal car drivers live a carefree life ? Thats not fair.


What they have learned since from the experience

Too much to easily make a choice here.

Everything from creating a concept, business plan to doing business and grow and manage the team.

Maybe the most important lesson was : whatever happens, don’t give up.

What were the hurdles and how they resolved them

The biggest difficulty probably lies in convincing big corporates to change their way of thinking. These days, it´s not enough anymore to just be big and powerful.

Customers expect more from you today than they ever have. The internet makes everything transparent and people focus more and more on using services than on the providing companies.

Today’s generation doesn´t care about brands as much, they care about flexible convenient services. If you want to be successful, you have to focus on the user, not on yourself. That is someting that we are trying to explain to companies every day.

Suggestions to future entrepreneurs

Again, don´t give up.

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Dare to start

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